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Exterior painting is a cost effective method for dramatically improving your investment's value and enhancing its appearance. At H2 Painting, we have been continuously providing the best exterior painting services for over two decades. We offer a complete list of exterior services to assist you in accomplishing your project goals. View our gallery to see our latest exterior projects.

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interior gallery

Our interior painting services can give you a professional look for your next project. No matter the size of your project, you can rest assured that H2 Painting can enhance the beauty and elegance of your space. View our gallery to see our latest interior projects.

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Why replace your cabinets when you can simply refinish them1 At H2 Painting, we specialize in bringing back the look and feel of your existing cabinets to breathe new life into your kitchen or bathroom. View our gallery to see our latest interior projects.

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We are fully licensed and bonded commercial panting contractors in the state of california. H2 Painting has painted some of the most spectacular and beautiful shopping centers in Southern California. Do you have an office building, business park, restaurant or shopping center that needs a fresh coat? Our project manager would love to submit a bid. View our gallery to see our latest commercial projects.

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View some of the projects we've done with before and after photos!

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View The Faux Finishes Gallery

faux finishes

Faux finishing such as dry-brush or rag application is a wonderful technique for adding personality and interest to an otherwise boring interior or exterior. When done properly, faux finishing can create a unique and inviting space in your home or business.

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View The Venetian Plasters Gallery

venetian plasters

New and old walls benefit from the beauty of a Venetian plaster technique. Venetian plaster is an ancient art medium that has been perfected and used over the centuries. It often gives the impression of stone, great age or any number of natural materials. We use a variety of techniques and styles. With even one color, Venetian gives a depth of hues and shades.

h2 painting visualizer

Hundreds of paint color combinations at your fingertips. The H2 Painting Visualizer lets you see color schemes with the click of a mouse.

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