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The New Neutrals: Paint Color Trends for 2014

Color trends aren't just for the runway—Benjamin Moore's creative and color team dug into the most popular looks in fashion, textiles, and the arts to find the serene and calming palette of colors that they predict will be gracing homes across the country this year.

12 Decorating Do's and Don’ts from Top Designers

No rules - but timeless, unforgettable advice. Twelve designers share their favorite words of wisdom.

15 Painting Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home

Taking on your next painting project? For a flawless finish, avoid these painting mistakes.

1. Skipping the Tape
Do you have the skills to get straight lines around the woodwork, windowsills and doorframes? Grab the painter's tape and get the nice, clean edges you want....

How To choose a color scheme

Decision paralysis is the clinical term for a phenomena in which your ability to make decisions is impaired as the number of choices increase. Every paint company offers literally thousands of paint colors to choose from. This large pool of colors makes it harder to choose the right color, because we are afraid there is a better choice. . .

The problem with Color Trends

Remember disco? What about 80’s heavy metal? Some things come and go. Music, fashion and design all have trends. The problem is that trends come and go. Nothing dates a home faster than picking a trendy color scheme. Have you walked into a home with wood paneling and blue sofas lately? I have and it instantly made me feel like I had stepped. . .

h2 painting visualizer

Hundreds of paint color combinations at your fingertips. The H2 Painting Visualizer lets you see color schemes with the click of a mouse.

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